Street Prints | Tours
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We brought you Tauranga’s first Street Art Festival and now we bring you Tauranga’s first Art Trail. 20 Beautiful Murals in downtown Mount Maunganui based on the theme ‘Land & Sea’ with another 20 murals added in December 2017 based on the theme ‘People’ There is a total of 45 murals.


Book in your Art tour today starting in Summer 2018, which will continue throughout the summer and are FREE for those Local to Tauranga.


Each tour will take about one and a half hours and will explain each Artist and the Kaupapa (Subject or Purpose) behind each mural. Art tours starting point will be announced closer to December 2018.


Fill in the form below with as much detail as possible. Let us know that your interested and we will email you info about the Tours closer to December 2018.