Street Prints | About
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Street Prints – the idea of leaving Artistic footprints in the Streets


Husband and Wife Duo, Jah & Lovie first dreamt up the idea of Street Prints back in 2013. Our main vision was to put money back into the pockets of Artists by selling there Open and Limited Edition Art and Original Works on there behalf.


As time progressed, so did we. In 2015, we took on the greatest challenge to date and curated Tauranga’s first Street Art Festival – Street Prints Mauao. Since then, we’ve renovated and managed a 7 month Pop Up Street Art Gallery, Exhibitions, Workshops and given back to our community again by facilitating free Art Tours. We have also travelled all over the globe to support and get amongst Street Artist exhibitions, projects and Street Art Festivals.


After liaising with so many incredible creatives and street smart people, Street Prints vision had no choice but to evolve. Today, we work to try to create and engage with more Street Artists and creatives, to provide more creative concepts within communities and hope to continue to beautify our streets through the massive world of Street Art.