Street Prints | Sea Walls 2017
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Sea Walls 2017

Inspiring change through Street Art.

I feel a major shift as I write this particular piece and its kind of exciting and disconcerting all in one. You see, if it isn’t already obvious, we Love Street Art. And when theres something cooking in the kitchen, 9 times out of 10 we’ll move mountains to sneak a slice. But this rad concept executed by the Pangeaseed family is something else.

We first got amongst the Sea Walls Project as avid Street Art Junkies in the quiet streets of Napier, New Zealand in 2016. And when we heard the project was returning, well, it was a no brainer. We threw Jah on a plane to go check it out.

I asked him a few hundred questions when he returned hoping to get the run down and this is literally the best bit I got. Like it or hate it, it is what it is.

Me. What was the weather like?

Jah. It was dry. But cloudy. I think the sun came out one day during the Weekend I was there? Aw, I don’t know.

Me… Well then maybe we should just get into it? Who were you able to meet?

Jah. Caught up with Cracked Ink at the Party at the Hamburger place. Also caught up with Cinzah. Met Cryptic for the first time. Met James Bullough. Actually I met heaps at that Party. Caught up with Erika Pierce and met her boyfriend who’s also an artist. Umm. Ramyo was there. Caught up with Seth the Globepainter, Julian. Oh and then walking around I saw Pat Perry who did the biggest wall there. He was cool. Met this guy from Hawaii, Iku who did a big whale. Caught up with T-Wei. Met Ren. He’s local. He’s useless. Caught up with another local Artist. He was amazing. Umm, whats his name? Tread. Yeah, he did a mean black and white monochrome piece of the Sea goddess, Pania. Pretty much met all the Artists that were painting there. Well, most of them anyway. Plus I guess a few people from council and some of the locals. But I mostly stuck around the festival.

Me. If you could pick one moment that you could look back on and say, ‘that was pretty cool moment’, what would it be?

Jah. Probably meeting Cryptik because he’s actually a really cool guy. Real humble and you know, he’s an amazing artist but when you meet him in real life he’s just a normal guy and I like that. I love how he’s keen to just get his art out there. And I guess someone we’ve been following him for quite a while now so it was quite good to meet someone that you’ve been following for so long. So yeah, I met him and his partner. It was good.

Me. Oh cool. So who was your favourite Artist in the lineup?

Jah. Yep, probably Cryptik.

Me. Ok.. And your favourite piece?

Jah. Definitely the James Bullough piece. I think the scale was awesome because you could really see the beauty of his piece but that fact that he had so much meaning behind it was mean. The way that he disfigured the bottom of the piece into different sections, which of course is kind of his signature style anyway but it was quite cool. What I really liked was how he thought beyond the wall. There was a bunch of hills you could see behind the building. Think its named Hospital Hill or something. Anyway, if you looked at his piece a little further back you were able to match the hills and sky with his actual piece. Like, It was crazy. I’ve never seen something like that before. It was mean.

Me. Oh man, Im so jealous! Were there many people around? What was the community like? Did they engage or what was there response to the whole project?

Jah. The response from what I saw was good, but could have been better. You know, for the scale of the whole event and the amount of Artists there, and the fact that this is Sea Walls! I wish they engaged more. Especially for all the work that our mate Cinzah put in to make it happen. And Pangeaseed and the many others that put in all those hours to make it happen. It sucks cos they really don’t know just how lucky they are.

Me. Alright then.How do you feel about the Sea Walls Project as a whole? You know, with it being the second year we’ve been able to Attend?

I think its amazing. I think that Cinzah is the man! Bringing something like this to New Zealand is massive and shows people around the world that we’re not just hopping around in piupiu’s. Haha The Pangeaseed guys are pretty on to it. And I mean, 50 murals. Napier has 50 murals. Thats huge! I don’t think there is anywhere else in New Zealand that has this amount of murals. So Napier should count themselves lucky seriously.