Street Prints | Wall to Wall 2017
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Wall to Wall 2017

Juddy Roller has done it again.

When you get that call from your other half, who by the way left me juggling kids, work and study for two long painfully ridiculous weeks, saying “Surprise! Just booked you a weekend in Melbourne.” My thoughts are: Stop! No sudden movements. Just smile, say thank you and gently hang it up before he changes his mind. And within 10 hours of him landing, I was off.

The 3 hour drive to Benalla was as True Blue Aussie as you can get. From the traffic jammed streets of Melbourne to the dry and thirsty landscapes of the Outback, the anticipation to get amongst Wall to Wall was of a laid back nature.

Entering the usually sleepy town of Benalla was anything but. The Streets were alive with kids, farmers, families and buzzing art enthusiasts. The energy was high.

Amongst the various festival hubs dotted around town, the incredible mural additions of the new with the old, the exhibition pieces of the talented Adnate & Rone and the local skate comp, there was definitely plenty to get your feet wet.

Really loved the wider focus on the Alternative Street Art installations. With the likes of Tinky and her miniature pieces, 3D muralists by the waterfront, the painting of the skate park and interactive community mural, its nice to see the general public experience the Creative freedom of expression Street Art gives.

So I guess there’s probably only a few things left to say. One. That Juddy Roller undoubtably knows how to throw down. And Two. It’s been a good day.