Street Prints | Andrew J Steel Exhibition
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Andrew J Steel Exhibition

When Andrew J. Steel paints, you are transfixed.  When he talks, you want to know what makes him tick, and when he says he’s doing an exhibition, you go!

Pulling my Once Clothing partner in Crime, Ellison Smith into my car was the only hard part of my spur of the moment trip up to Auckland for Andrew J. Steel Exhibition.  Lets face it, this shit excites the hell out of me and taking someone to share it with that is not only moving up in the clothing industry but is a beast behind the lens, lets be honest, Life is Good!

Pulling up at the exhibition and seeing the people spilling out of the Gallery definitely got the blood pumping and finally stepping into that large room confirmed it was a trip well taken.  The scale of each piece mirrored the nature of the Street Art psyche but felt strange to be confined by walls.  The clean lines and play on characters and symbols were in true AJS fashion.  Absolutely loved being in the presence of an original and first ever Open Edition Print Run.  ‘The winds of change suit you AJS.’



So what have I learnt?  That great art can be produced in ridiculous time frames if you have a great artist behind the brush.  That my relationship with Street Art is anguished by the constant reminder that it it doesn’t last forever and that Andrew J. Steel is still Awesome

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